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Housing is a Human Right
  • Expand homeownership opportunities.

  • Create an equitable and stable rental housing market.

  • Invest in more affordable housing and workforce housing.

  • Restore our communities by funding home repair and revitalization programs.

  • Increase funding for K-12 schools so we can hire more social workers and pay them and our teachers, bus drivers and support staff fair compensation.

  • Restore state funding for post-secondary and higher education institutions so that college is more affordable for students and families.

  • Equitable per-pupil funding that is responsive to the actual needs of the district and the families they serve.

  • Stop the practice of tying student test scores to teacher performance metrics.

  • Incorporate more technical and skilled trades programs, including scholarships, into the curriculum.

Healthcare, including Mental Healthcare
  • Improve real access for all people to the healthcare they need to live their healthiest life at every age.

  • Enshrine abortion and other reproductive healthcare as healthcare that is fully covered by insurance

  • Lower out-of-pocket prescription drug costs.

  • Expand stigma-free mental healthcare for all people to reduce the need for crisis services, which then improves the quality and accessibility of crisis services in our community.

Real Public Safety & Criminal Justice Reforms
  • Law enforcement should be accountable public servants who work collaboratively, transparently, and fairly with all the communities they serve.

  • Universal background checks on all firearms, with no loopholes. The right to own a gun should be inseparable from responsibility for that gun so we should enact safe storage laws to hold gun owners responsible. Domestic abusers should be prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm of any kind.

  • We should raise the age purchase firearms to 21, ban assault weapons, ban high capacity cartridges, institute waiting periods and red flag laws, as well as regulate and track ghost guns.

  • Criminal justice reform is a public health issue because it's tied to more than just civil rights. It’s environmental justice, health equity, housing security, food security, reproductive justice, and a livable minimum wage.

  • Juvenile justice systems should help prevent reoffending and be more compassionate. Treat kids like kids. Skill development, rehabilitation, addressing treatment needs, and successful reintegration of youth back into the community are legislative priorities.

  • Invest less in prisons and more in prevention, rehabilitation, healthcare, housing, education, job training and other services, which will save taxpayers in the long run and help reduce crime.

  • “Good Time, Makes Good Sense” - House Bill 4489 and Senate Bill 649 restore Michigan's “Good Time” credit system. This set of bills will improve safety inside prisons and save millions of dollars by allowing incarcerated individuals to earn credit toward their release through good behavior.

Environmental Justice
  • Everyone deserves to have clean and safe water coming into their homes.

  • Get lead out of our pipes and upgrade existing infrastructure to adapt to heavier storms and flooding brought on by climate change.

  • Polluters should be penalized.

  • Secure funding for the cleanup of local pollution.

  • Invest in clean/renewable energy.

  • Champion the restoration & preservation of our parks and natural habitats.

Workers Rights and Unions
  • Raise the Minimum wage to a livable wage.

  • Make it easier for workers who want to organize and join a union.

  • Bring back prevailing wage laws for our skilled construction workers that work on state-funded projects.

  • Repeal the so-called “right-to-work” law that has been a failed experiment and has caused population loss, hurt unions, and inhibited job growth all over Michigan.

  • Repeal the tax on senior pensions.

Civil Rights for Everyone
  • I am pro-choice because women and others must be free to choose if and when to become parents.

  • Reduce economic and reproductive coercion so that women are able to choose the number of children they have and build economic stability.

  • Secure and expand voting rights. I want to make it easier for people to vote, not harder.

  • Support legal and regulatory changes that improve racial justice and equity, oppose modern redlining that imposes limits on access to secure housing, employment, and education.

  • Support and expand LGBTQIA+ rights to equal housing, work, and other legal protections.

  • Expand the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights act to include LGBTQIA+ people.

Economic Development
  • Offer our small businesses and independent contractors more than just debt so they can truly recover from this pandemic and thrive.

  • Attract good paying jobs to the area and help expand our unions.

  • Bring in developers that will have a community benefits mindset and partner with the community.

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